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Citrus Fragrances

April 26, 2019


Energising and refreshing, citrus scents are full of life, zest and fresh notes, making them the perfect spring fragrance. From the soft freshness of bergamot to the sweetness of mandarin, discover more about these key fruits and how their scent is used in our collection.

Also known as hesperidic fragrances, a term which comes from Greek mythology and the Hesperides nymphs, guardians of the Garden of Golden Apples, which, according to legend were in fact oranges, citrus fragrances utilise the extracts of key citrus fruits, as well as the blossoms and leaves of their trees.

One of the most sought after citrus fragrance notes, is bergamot, cold-pressed from the peel of the bergamot orange, a small, roughly pear shaped fruit.  The oil yields a citrus fragrance with a distinctive soft, spicy-floral quality with a wonderful ability to blend with other aromas to create complex and intricate scents such as the vetiverin our Jermyn Street Eau De Parfum or the the  vanilla and mandarin in Bergamotto Di Positano Eau De Parfum.


Bergamot Bergamot


There are many different types of oranges and ways to extract the scent from the tree, each of which create different olfactory properties, the most commonly found being orange blossom and mandarin orange. Mandarin essential oil is fruity with a light floral undertone and has a sweetness to it that verges on a gourmand scent, as found in 1927 Eau De Parfum and Special No. 127 Eau De Toilette.  Orange blossom and neroli are both extracts from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, the neroli fragrance having a wonderfully refreshing but spicy floral aroma, making it ideal to pair with floral accords, such as  the ylang-ylang in our No. 89 Eau De Toilette and the jasmine in our newest fragrance, Neroli Voyage Eau De Parfum.


Mandarin Mandarin


Lemon is a zesty, uplifting scent, found in both our Cefiro Eau De Toilette and Limes Eau De Toilette. The essential oil of lemon is produced by cold pressing the peel, and is a clean, fresh and sparkling scent, which is warmed by spicy notes of cardamon and nutmeg in Cefiro, while in Limes, the lemon is paired with other citrus notes of petitgrain and lime blossom, also known as linden blossom.


Lemon Lemon


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