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British Family Perfumers Since 1730

Discoveries in the Jermyn Street 'Mine'

February 20, 2015


In February 2015, we began some work opening up parts of what we fondly refer to as the 'Mine'. This area is 2 floors below the shop on 89 Jermyn Street and is closed off to the public.

During our work, we've been lucky enough to discover a selection of our ancestor's perfumery tools which have survived untouched and we believe haven't been seen in some cases for at least 60 years. Among them we found a host of old ingredient jars, many of which still including their fragrance. It's fascinating to smell that the heart of the fragrance has remained even after all this time.

photo 1

The vibrant colours come from the ingredients in the bottles rather than the glass. They we're originally clear

photo 2

photo 3


photo 4


Access to the 'mine' is from our basement and through a trap door at the back of the store.


photo 6


The Jasmine note was still perfectly clear in this bottle, even thought it hasn't been opened in 60 years. photo 7

The old stove, where our ancestors were loaded coal from the street to keep the whole basement and store heated as well as heating certain ingredients ahead of them being hand blended and filtered.

We also found an old safe to which we can't find the key. Everyone is excited to know if we'll ever discover what it holds. 



Old scales and tools to seal bottle lids (that are very heavy) were also found.






We'll be restoring these items and curating them in the museum behind the shop. We'll update you when these items are available to view.

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