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Know Your Notes: Oud

July 21, 2015


Opulent, smokey and softly spiced. Discover oud, one of the world's rarest and most prestigious perfume ingredients.

Oud, also known as oodh (in Saudi Arabia) or agar, is a dark aromatic resin sourced from agarwood found in evergreen trees native to Southeast Asia. The agar forms as a reaction to a fungal attack where the oil is formed, producing an intriguing fragrant aroma. As the highest quality oil comes from trees which are hundreds of years old, the extraction of the oil is often an intricate and lengthy procedure. 

Valued for its rich, distinctive scent, oud is used by perfumers to add complexity to the base of a fragrance and to fix the aroma of heart or base notes in blending. As one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world it is highly desirable.

wood oud blog

The Floris Oud Collection epitomises the decadence of oud and the traditions of perfume making.

The honey note in Floris Honey Oud is sweet and radiant, adding warmth to this complex and exotic blend. Distinguished by its soft, balsamic sweet chords, it perfectly emphasises the perfume’s floral notes.

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By contrast, the rich woody notes of Floris Leather Oud create a heady oriental fragrance. Taking its inspiration from bygone days when new fragrance oils were delivered to Floris in small leather cases, the fragrance captures the distinctive aroma of the essences infused with the primitive scent of leather as the cases were opened.

Leather oud blog

By layering the Honey Oud and Leather Oud fragrances you will find a more complex character to the fragrance profile with the sweetness of the honey notes and the earthy depth of the leather combining to create new notes of orange blossom, while delivering a powerful and complex marriage. A refined synergy.

Floris’s contemporary interpretations of the unique oud scent, Honey Oud and Leather Oud, can be worn by both men and women.

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