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Living & Scent

March 31, 2019


How do scent and interior design come together to provide luxury to our everyday life? Start by considering scented candles and room fragrances to be a design aspect, thoughtfully selected to integrate and harmonise with other elements in the space and help to achieve the mood in which you are wishing to create.

We have partnered with design studio Echlin to explore the formula for the perfect home interior, both being passionate about understated luxury and the timeless elegance of modern living. Join us as we move through a room-by-room guide to best home scents

The Hallway

The hallway is the entrance to your home and the place where first impressions will be made. Welcome people in with subtle yet calming woody notes as found in our Sandalwood & Patchouli home fragrance.

Image: Echlin |Nico Wills Image: Echlin |Nico Wills

The Living Room

Floral scents create a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere for the living space. Our Hyacinth & Bluebell is a cool green floral fragrance with the freshness of springtime flowers with a calming woody base.

Image: Echlin | French & Tye Image: Echlin | French & Tye

The Kitchen

Citrus, herbaceous and fruity scents work best in the kitchen. Our Grapefruit & Rosemary home collection is the perfect fragrance, being both a little mouth-watering yet having the ability to cut through and disguise strong smells.

Image: Echlin | Nathalie Priem Image: Echlin | Nathalie Priem

The Bedroom

Create a relaxing and ambient atmosphere with soft florals such as Peony & Rose, which pairs fragile peonies with the opulence of rose and violet while green tea, cinnamon and clove add depth and a hint of spice to create warmth.

Image: Echlin | Nathalie Priem Image: Echlin | Nathalie Priem

The Bathroom

Keep the bathroom a fresh and relaxing space with notes such as lavender, mint, geranium and juniper as found in our Lavender & Mint collection which help to de-stress the mind and body and create a spa-like experience.

Image: Echlin | French & Tye Image: Echlin | French & Tye

The Dining Room

In spaces such as the dining room, the last thing you want is an overpowering scent, so opt for something light and subtle such as our English Fern & Blackberry, which perfectly combines sweet and sharp blackberry with the earthy scent of freshly gathered fern.

Image: Echlin | French & Tye Image: Echlin | French & Tye

The Study

The working space requires a fragrance that will help you concentrate without being distracting. Spicy scents with notes of cardamom, spice, patchouli, and vetiver, such as our Rose & Oud home collection are ideal to create a constructive mindset.

Image: Echlin | French & Tye Image: Echlin | French & Tye
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