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A Bride's Guide To Scenting Your Wedding - By Wedding Blogger 'Devine Bride'

June 21, 2016


There is an easy way to style your wedding that will instantly elevate it to the next level of elegance and luxury, that can't be pinned on a Pinterest board - scent.  The 'je ne sais quoi' of weddings.  Scent is the essence of the best memories, so make your own day, your own way.  Forget favours, capture emotion and create memories.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate scent into your wedding journey, to make a lasting impression, but most of all, lasting memories.

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower tends to be more pamper party than pool party, so make sure you are well equipped.  Get your hands ready for that ring with a richly scented luxury hand cream and have the manicurist ready to go.  Continue the tradition when each of your bridesmaids get engaged - a luxury hand cream is a cute engagement gift for any lady with a sparkler to show off.


Mums the Word

Give a keepsake to your mum and mother-in-law; gift a luxury glass candle with a linking scent to your wedding day.  Add an extra touch by getting the glass etched with a short message or the date of your wedding.


Bridesmaid Gifts

Ensure your leading ladies smell as beautiful as they look by giving them beauty boxes with a handpicked perfume.  This will also ensure they are in harmony with one another.  The best part?  It's handpicked by you - pick one to compliment your scent.


Morning of the Wedding

Ease yourself into the day and relax with scented candles and a few glasses of bubbles while you get your hair and makeup done.  Choose candles with calming notes like lavender or vanilla, and pop miniature versions in your bridesmaid's beauty boxes.

Grand Entrance

Ask your groomsmen to sprinkle the entrance way to your ceremony with your favourite room fragrance; this will create sensual excitement when your guests arrive.  Choose something energising to kick your day off with an exciting burst.



Create atmosphere and ambience with clusters of scented candles on your tables.  Use glass candles instead of tea lights to achieve an efforlessly chic and stylish look, with minimum effort.  Although glass candles are more expensive, they are much more elegant - and you won't need to replace them every 2 hours.  Choose a scent that is refreshing and crisp, to compliment your grand entrance, and enliven it with a complimentary herb sprig in your welcome drinks; mint, rosemary and basil work well in cocktails depending on what your candle scent is.



The Bride

Last but certainly not least....The Bride.  Think of your wedding dress and how unique and fitting (and fitted) it is to you.  Now, why would you walk down the aisle wearing anything less than your perfect perfume?


I had the pleasure of being gifted a Floris Bespoke Customisation experience as a wedding present to make my own unique wedding perfume, and I was blown away.  I took images of my bouquet with me and had notes prepared of my favourite scents; I was so confused about what I thought I liked, and what I thought I wanted, but the perfumer was amazing and really honed into my deeper senses.  After a few hours' consultation and potion mixing, I left with a fragrance so.... me!  I couldn't love it more.


Take a wedding time-out to share the experience with your groom with Floris' new Together service, a bespoke fragrance session for couples, where you each get to create your own unique fragrance. Use it as an extra excuse to spend some quality time together in the demanding lead up to the wedding - it would make such a lovely anecdote to your wedding day, and such a wonderful addition to your new life together.

I really cherish my wedding perfume, and every time I inhale it, I am instantly transported back to the magic of the day and all the emotions come rushing back to me.  It's such an evocative memory for me; it's addictive!  I've already booked to have a repeat bottle made up! (Floris keep all recipes in their private archives so you can reorder at any time).

Your wedding is a journey; use the power of scent to take your guests on the journey with you.  Feel every emotion in years to come, as fresh as it was on the day.  What's more, you can use each scent in different ways for your future anniversaries and special occassions.  Plan a romantic (scented) candle lit dinner for your first anniversary and relive the excitement.


Floris London now offer a Together Fragrance Customisation experience designed for couples.  'Together' is a 3-hour appointment for couples with a Floris perfumer - create two completely unique 100ml eau de parfums with Certificate of Provenance together in the secluded privacy of the Floris perfumery.


A statement of luxury for those looking to create an enjoyable and unique experience ahead of their wedding day, engagement or celebration.

Laura is a London wedding blogger - her honest and practical blog covers hen parties to honeymoons, and everything in between.  Visit www.devinebride.co.uk and @devinebride on social for daily wedding inspiration.


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