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Cherry Blossom Cocktails with Sake No Hana

April 22, 2015


This week we celebrated spring at the launch event of Sakura at Sake no Hana’s bar which has been transformed into a beautiful cherry blossom garden, scented by Floris’s delicate Cherry Blossom fragrance.

sake no hana 2

The event opened with a talk from 9th generation of Floris founder and brand ambassador, Edward Bodenham, who offered guests an insight into the history of perfume. Guests were taken on a sensory journey where they were able smell an array of pure perfume essences and oils as Edward guided them through the ways of perfume blending and key fragrance families.

Floris London Cherry Blossom Eau de Parfum at Sake No Hana

Sake No Hana’s limited edition cocktail ‘Violet Risshun’ was being served throughout the evening, a cocktail of two parts representing both the beginning of spring and the blooming Sakura season.

During the event we were delighted to catch up with head mixologist, Eder, who talked to us about crafting cocktails and the inspiration behind the latest spring creation.

What is your first memory of creating cocktails?

My first memory is seeing the reaction of guests when they taste something incredible.

Do certain tastes ever transport you back to a specific place in time?

A bitter, fragrant and refreshing taste always brings me back to what we all like to enjoy; a sunny place by the sea.

Where does the inspiration behind your recipe for Violet Risshun come from?

The inspiration behind Violet Risshun comes from the idea of getting guests involved in the preparation of their own drinks. I also wanted to give people the sense of a journey through spring, so they receive their drink in two parts.

The first one represents the beginning of the spring where plants and flowers are quite dull and striving to bloom. This part of the drink is quite crispy and herbal which makes a great aperitif. Once the guest adds the second part into the first, they change the taste of the drink completely, injecting vibrancy just like spring in its peak. Once mixed the drink becomes a great food match with our bento.

What drew you towards the ingredients you used for Violet Risshun?

Obviously I had to use cherry! ‎ As I wanted to achieve a fresh drink, the first thing that came to mind was gin and interestingly enough I had just come across a Japanese influenced gin infused with traditional Japanese ingredients such as Yuzu and sake. Then as I wanted something slightly bitter I chose grapefruit juice and a herbal twist of green chartreuse liquor. Shiso syrup brings all the ingredients together. In the second part I added the main ingredient cherry and finally, a fruity rose vermouth with cranberry which adds a new dimension to the drink.

Are there any unusual ingredient combinations you’ve come across that work surprisingly well?

The cherries and shiso syrup really surprised me. I was not expecting them to work so well together.

How important is the visual appearance of a cocktail?

The visual appearance is ‎extremely important as it touches one of the main senses of a human. Is just like a beautiful dish, just looking at it makes your mouth water.  

Mixology trends seem to becoming more and more innovative. What is the most popular trend at the moment?

The biggest trend now is revitalising the past, bringing old classic cocktails to life by serving it in an innovative way. We at Hakkasan Group like to invent trends and give to our guest the best experience rather than follow trends.

Finally, do you have a favourite Floris fragrance? 

After testing the Floris Cherry Blossom perfume yesterday I think it is my favourite now.

sake no hana 1

You can visit Sakura at Sake No Hana from 20th April to 20th June where you will have the pleasure of trying the limited edition Violet Risshun along with number of other exclusive Sakura menu items.

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