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How to turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat

October 14, 2014


As the winter nights draw in and the temperature drops it's time to warm up with some cosy bath time indulgence.

The addition of some delicately fragranced candles and a few well-chosen luxuries can quickly transform your bathroom into an indulgent retreat and after a long, tiring day there can be no better place to escape and unwind.

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The lights are dimmed, the candles are lit and the bath is run. You are just a few steps away from perfection. Here are the essentials for the ultimate luxury bath time ritual:


Some of the most famous authors and artists have had their most illuminating light bulb moments in the bath. Allow yourself to be inspired by a timeless classic such as Emily Bronte’s withering heights or a modern style bible like Alexa Cheung’s IT.


Whether you love to soak beneath a mass of scented bubbles or prefer the super softening effect of oils and essences, you’ll definitely appreciate the addition of a few refined bubbles in a glass. As the temperature rises you’ll appreciate a few refreshing sips of chilled champagne, prosecco or English sparkling wine.


Block out the sounds of everyday life from the other side of the bathroom door with some carefully chosen bath time music. Wind down to some traditional jazz or something classical - Handel’s Water Music perhaps?


All good things must come to an end so when it's time to return to reality, soften the landing with a comforting bath towel. It will have been warming gently on a towel rail and will be large and luxurious enough to embrace you as you emerge from the water.

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