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Marta Spendowska: The Artist Behind The Limited Edition Rose Geranium Packaging

September 3, 2015


This September, in support of Macmillan, our now iconic Rose Geranium Bath Essence is available in a special limited edition sleeve, designed exclusively by renowned artist and designer Marta Spendowska to reflect the product’s delicate florals.

Spendowska captivates her audience with dreamy watercolours and a beautiful use of colour, which characterises her inspiring paper goods, fashion and home accessories. As part of our collaboration with her we asked her about the inspiration behind her designs for our limited edition release.


1. What was the inspiration behind your illustration?

The vibrant greens were a must—I’m sure they are a symbol of patience and hope. After initial conversation with the team at Floris I’ve decided to make the whole illustration lively and somewhat wet; adding droplets of water so the nature feels young and healthy. I think these words: hope, health and  patience were the words that steered the whole direction.


2. When and why did you first start illustrating and do you remember your first piece of art?

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but I always wanted to be an artist. Because I painted all my life (my mother always says she was lucky because all I needed was a set of watercolours) and I grew up with an amateur painter (father) after coming to USA I specifically made a commitment to communicate visually.

I think it came from a point of sadness about losing that special gift of Polish eloquence which I wasn’t able to use in English. If I think about it now I almost feel that I came back to painting out of upset but it became my love and savour. Art is everything to me.

I sold my first painting sitting on a pavement in Atlanta, GA during my 1st internship in USA, probably in 2001 or 2002.


3. What is your quintessential bath accessory?

All kinds of scrubs! My husband makes the best one: a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, sugars, salts, sandalwood, rosemary and mint leaves.

4. What does bath time mean to you?

It’s time of checking out… The work disappeared, the world vanishes, there is only me and bubbles, and essential oils. I love to light candles everywhere and listen to an inspirational podcast.

5. What is your favourite fragrance note and why?

I love sandalwood and incense. It’s nice when it’s softened by a fresh oil of damask rose.

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