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Named By You, A Rose For You

September 6, 2018


The beauty of fragrance is that as it is applied to the skin, it becomes truly unique to the possessor. Our newest fragrance, ‘A Rose For…’ Eau de Parfum encapsulates this personal attachment to scent in providing you with the opportunity to personalise it with a name or initial.

Each bottle is accompanied by the addition of a gold pen allowing you to complete the naming of the scent with the name or initials of the wearer. Adding this personal touch to your bottle making it an ultimate signature scent for yourself or a truly unique gift. The pen included with the fragrance is a specialist gold ink pen expertly designed in Japan with a focus on flowing, clean lines and the ink gives a rich, opaque look which will beautifully finish off your bottle if you do so desire.


A Rose For... Amelia

Watch our video here.


If you wish to customise your fragrance with your name or that of the recipient, a few things to keep in mind.
-The space to write your chosen name can be found on the product label, below ‘A Rose For…’
-There are 3 labels to customise should you wish; one on the sleeve, one on the gold box and one on the fragrance bottle.
-You can practise first on the template provided in the box which will enable you to familiarise yourself with the pen and the size of letters prior to writing on the label.


Step by step guide:
Step 1: Hold the bottle in a firm position.
Step 2: Holding the pen vertically, lightly press on the tip to release the pressure. In the practise space provided, gently press the tip down onto the paper to allow the ink to start flowing. It is important not to press down too hard or the ink may overflow. The ink may appear slightly translucent on initial application. Should this occur, replace the cap tightly and shake the pen twice. Avoid shaking vigorously.
Step 3: Write your name on the label. If the name is longer than 8 letters, we recommend writing your initials.
Tip: Position the gold box below the fragrance bottle. This will provide extra support and stability for your hand at the right height and angle when writing. Allow the ink to fully dry. Replace the cap tightly on the pen and store horizontally.


We are also running a series of events in London throughout September where a professional calligrapher will be available to add this unique touch to the bottle with beautiful calligraphy.

The dates and locations of these events:

13th September 4-7pm - Floris , 89 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6JH
14th September 3-7pm - Fortnum & Mason
20th September 9am-12pm - Heathrow T5, Harrods
TBC - Selfridges

Find out more about our events here.

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