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NEW Imperial Iris Cologne

July 21, 2017


We are delighted to announce the launch of Imperial Iris Cologne, part of the Floris' By Request'  bespoke service.  A limited run of 100 unique eau de parfum bottles have been hand-poured and are available to purchase from our Floris flagship shop and online at florislondon.com 

Imperial Iris Cologne Description

A fragrant conversation, delicately interlacing notes between two ladies of the Belle Époque era. Imperial in in its setting, yet a fresh, light-hearted moment, interpreted into a fragrance of style, fashion and identity. Set as a modern reading of the Eau de Cologne, brought forward with a touch of depth and longevity. Woven with sparkling bergamot and a surprising green cassis opening, with a citrus floral heart and a bold powdery twist of Iris.

This is a fragrance of captivating elegance and vibrant celebration. An era of romantic summer afternoons, basking in sunshine.

Family Anecdote

 A hand poured exclusive olfactory journey into the beginning of the 20th century as found in the Floris archives.

Within the museum of Floris’s perfumery, the family possess a bottle which they believe to be the earliest example of a Floris fragrance. It was an original Eau de Cologne. After some investigation, the original recipe, still held in our early recipe books was found, along with its predecessor in this style, our original Hungary Water. Imagining the era of Edwardian England and the Belle Époque of Western Europe, our perfumery team, working with the traditional formula blends crafted to create a modern day interpretation of this classic, powdery imperial fragrance.

oldest floris bottle

The resurgence of powdery fragrances

Powder has been a recurring theme in perfumery since Renaissance Florence, used in the making of perfumes and scented powders, to fragrance bodies, wigs and gloves. It was a late 19th century trend  through to the beginning of the 20th century, and now, in the 21st century,  is really having a resurgence with a contemporary twist of using fresh citrus top notes that blend seamlessly with the soft and gentle  powdery notes in the heart and base.

The powdery note comes from  the orris root which is found in the early 20th Century Floris formula books, as a key ingredient in the making of toilet and face powders. Powdery notes are a facet of White Rose (iris/violet) The scent is also the smell of inside the museum's cabinets.


 Floris 'By Request' Bespoke Service

The 'By Request’ service is our homage to the Floris customer. If there is an experience, emotion or memory that you would like brought to life, we invite you to visit the perfumery in Jermyn Street and jot down your thoughts for a new fragrance in our dedicated ‘By Request’ book or write to us directly.

Periodically an idea will be selected from the requests received  and developed into a new fragrance, which will  be hand blended by the Floris perfumer. A very limited number of Eau de Parfums will then be hand poured on the premises and released for purchase exclusively in the Floris shops or via the website.


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Top Notes: cassis, bergamot, marine, lavender

Heart Notes: petitgrain, neroli, rose, geranium

Base Notes : iris, sandalwood, woody amber, musk


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