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Petals from my Garden - By Request Spring 2015

February 3, 2015


This unique scent has been expertly created under the direction of Edward Bodenham, 9th generation of the Floris family with his perfumery team, for Spring 2015 as part of Floris’s exclusive By Request range.

The inspiration to create Petals from my Garden came last spring, when Edward’s daughter spent a day creating her first ‘Jam Jar’ perfume in their family garden. Sadly her creation only remained with the family for a few days, but the moment itself provided enough inspiration for Edward to want to dedicate the 2015 Spring By Request to her.

During the development of Petals from my Garden, Edward’s young daughter Isabelle Rose visited 89 Jermyn Street to lend inspiration to the perfumers and share her own thoughts and ideas for the fragrance.

Reminiscent of the petal-laden gardens of childhood summers, Petals From My Garden brings together a nostalgic bouquet of scented English country gardens. A fresh fragrance with the note of spring flowers that evokes long-forgotten memories of youth.

Our wish is to inject a drop of innocence and a splash of nostalgia into the first By Request for 2015. Perfume is our family tradition, although for many of us it begins as children, enjoying the adventure of exploring the garden and the wonderful early emotion of creativity. Selecting petals and blending them in jam jars is a part of everyone’s youth that should be looked back on with warm affection. Edward’s natural fondness for scent has been encouraged from working alongside his grandfather at 89 Jermyn Street, blending fragrances below the store in our ‘Mine’.

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