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Susan Beech: The Papercraft Artist Behind The Roses In Our Jermyn Street Window

February 17, 2016


With the launch of the new By Request fragrance  'A Rose for... Eau de Parfum', we asked Susan Beech from and creator of the delicate paper roses in our Jermyn Street window more about her special talent .

Susan Beech - Creator of A Petal Unfolds Susan Beech - Creator of A Petal Unfolds


1. What was your inspiration behind creating beautiful paper flowers?

I originally completed a Fine Art Printmaking degree at the University of Brighton and my work centred around photography. I was feeling restless with my photography about three years and wanted to start making things with my hands again. I read about paper flowers and was instantly drawn to how beautiful they were, they were so romantic and I had never seen anything like them before. Once I started making them I became hooked. Now I love the challenge of making flowers as beautiful as they can possibly be.

2. Can you explain the process that you go through to produce such life-like flowers?

I try to study the flower as much as possible and use Pinterest and Google images to research before I make anything. Once you've gained experience with making flowers in general, you can look at a new flower and see how you could construct it with the techniques that you already know. I then make templates for the different parts of the flower and start to construct it.

Red and Pink Hand Made Roses

3. How long did it take you to finish one rose for our shop window?

For one of the small roses with foliage, it probably took me about an hour and a half.


4. For someone who may want to get into making contemporary paper flowers, what advice can you give them?

I would say to experiment and have fun with it. There are lots of ways to learn now. If you can get to London, I run workshops with the stationers Quill London where you can learn to make one of my peony flowers and we are going to introduce a cherry blossom class for Spring. There are lots of online tutorials that you can take- the blogger House That Lars Built has great ones. Also Thuss/Farrell and Livia Cetti have both produced beautiful books for you to learn from.

5. When would you wear A Rose for... Eau de Parfum?

I would wear A Rose For...when it was a truly special occasion because I would really want it to last. I know only the best memories would be tied to the scent.

A Rose For Bottle & BoxDiscover the NEW By Request 'A Rose for... Eau de Parfum'


Featured image credit: photography by Susan Beech.

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