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The Inspiration Behind 'A Rose For...'

September 6, 2018


Floral scent needn’t be fusty. Our new perfume gives the humble rose a new lease of life.

Understanding florals is an essential part of the perfumer’s art. In fact, humankind has been wearing rose perfume since approximately 3000BC; the ancient Egyptians used rose water to scent their hair, for example. Nowadays, things are a little different. The appeal of rose scent is timeless, but given a modern treatment, rose’s often traditional perfume takes on a new, dynamic quality. In 2015, our Perfumery Director, Edward Bodenham, paid a visit to Morocco and was intrigued by how the rose has the ability to infer the identity of its natural origin and so sought to explore this classic Floris fragrance note in an altogether different environment of warmth, ardour and elegance.

Moroccan Roses

Edward comments “When I smelt the roses growing in the fields of Morocco I was truly captivated by their fabulous beauty, as well as the wonderful warmth and depth of the scent that they produced. I spent hours wandering through the fields, smelling the many types of rose that were growing there. Compared with smelling many roses in the cooler climate of Britain I was struck by how the intense heat of Morocco and the scent of the country itself added such extra depth and warmth to the scent of each rose. The rose has such a powerful scent and in this environment, it was even more evident. Yet from a young age of being around scent, I’ve always been struck by how such powerful scent can emanate from such a delicate material. The process of drawing the scent from the rose is something of an art I’ve always admired” and was struck by the intense, vibrant smells of Morocco’s rose fields. The result is A Rose For..., a multi-faceted creation that transports the wearer through the rose’s numerous incarnations. The fragrance is crafted from fine Moroccan and Bulgarian rose petals that are harvested at dawn, for a fresh, complex take on a timeless scent – made for today.

Photo: foundtravel.com

Photo: foundtravel.com

The petals are harvested at dawn after the dew has dried. Respiration, which influences how much water flowers need is low in the early morning, making this the best time to pick the petal and retain the scent.

'A Rose For...' Eau de Parfum, is the newest addition to our Private Collection and available to purchase here.

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