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JF Eau de Toilette

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Bergamot, lemon, lime and mandarin combine with intensely aromatic notes. Juniper berry, cypress and petitgrain are at the heart, underscored by amber, cedarwood and musks.

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Review by Julia
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I'm a perfume collector and have tried over 100s of male perfumes. When I sprayed this on the first time it wasn't yeah maybe. It was - this is it! Will buy this for my boyfriend on his birthday. It's very sexy yet sophisticated.

40 Faithful Years of JF's Calming Essence

Review by Stephen Normand
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I was introduced to JF on my 21st Birthday and have used it ever since! Though the packaging and bottle style have changed several times over the years and the price increasing appropriately to the economic climate of the various periods. The fragrance however continues to enhance and
impress resulting often with a compliment still for it's distinctive scent. I use all the JF products hand soap, shower gel, after shave moisturiser and cologne. I still miss the shaving creme which came in the tube for travelling. The product continues to bring not only satisfaction but enjoyment through it's individualistic and enriching scent setting the wearer aside from other inferior male colognes on the market.

Summer In A Bottle

Review by Eric Miller
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This is my idea of the perfect "office fragrance"--an English office at that. With its lemon top notes and descreet woody/amber drydown, this is not going to offend anyone. Perfect for the summer months, this is one of the few fragrances that I think warrants layering--I use the aftershave as well as eau de toilette. Good linen and Panama hat fragrance. While I am a traditionalist and wish that Floris would return old classics like Tantivy and New Mown Hay, I think that this is a great effort for an old house to launch a new classic. Yes, fleeting similarities between this and Green Irish Tweed, but the ambergris in the Creed offering really sets that one apart.

Five Star

Review by Tom
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