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Celebrating Hanami

April 19, 2013


We discover the tradition of Hanami in St James' Park one sunny afternoon.As spring has finally arrived, it is time to enjoy the sunshine and other pleasures that the warmer weather allows. In St James’ we are lucky to be surrounded by lovely parks, where the blooms of spring are starting to blossom and the idea of a picnic in the park becomes more appealing.

So one warm afternoon we decided to dust off our picnic rug and venture to St James’ Park to discover the Japanese tradition of ‘Hanami’, a tradition which inspired our Perfumer to create our latest Eau de Parfum, Cherry Blossom.

Hanami literally means “flower viewing” and is practised during spring time when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom. The flowers are seen as a metaphor for life, luminous and beautiful yet fleeting and ephemeral.

During Hanami, people gather with friends and family to have a picnic in a park, perhaps with a little sake, whilst enjoying the beautiful view of the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The trees in blossom, with their light pink and white tones resemble clouds. Some people even organise Hanami parties in parks and private gardens, reserving the best spot to then settle after work to celebrate with friends and families.

While it might be a bit late to book your plane tickets for Japan to take part in Hanami this year, you don’t have to travel so far east to admire this beautiful sight. Why not head to your local park with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful sights of spring. However, be warned, this is a very fleeting experience as the cherry blossom trees are only in flower for one to two weeks before the white and pink blossoms are carried away in the wind.

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