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How Scent Complements Architectural Style

February 19, 2015


London Fashion Week is underway and designers are increasingly adding scents to complement their AW15 shows and presentations.

“Scents transform the way you feel,” says Edward Bodenham, 9th generation of the Floris family. “They are intriguing, and captivating, emotionally affecting an individual's subconscious more than what is able to be absorbed visually. Scent adds extra richness to any experience.”

Away from the runway, fragrance is a powerful way to create mood and disposition in your own home, whatever the architectural style of your space.


Use room fragrances to add a subtle scent and a sophisticated ambiance to small spaces such as city lofts and apartments.

The earthy tones of Sandalwood & Patchouli work well with modern surfaces. Its spiciness is warm and reassuring, helping to make you feel relaxed. Use this scent to add depth and character to minimalist style.



High ceilings and large spaces can be infused with mood enhancing scent using candles, which will release their fragrance consistently as they burn.

Try a delicate floral fragrance such as the Lavender & Mint Scented Candle to add a herbal freshness to the home. The base notes of patchouli and musk in the scent will add lingering depth.



Candles are the perfect country house companion. A scattering of richly scented candles will act visually and olfactorily as a lifestyle feature in large rooms, complementing grand character features.

The fresh leafy notes of Hyacinth & Bluebell will add a green floral freshness to the home whilst the soft balsamic and woody base conjures a rich lasting aroma.

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