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Know Your Notes: Geranium

September 16, 2015


There are over 400 species of Geraniums, a beautiful flower valued especially for its refreshingly crisp citrus and rosy scent.

Geraniums or pelargonium graveolens, are mostly found in the eastern part of the Mediterranean area and the plants themselves have thick lobed leaves and buds varying from shades of light pink to deep purple. This perennial flower is used in perfumery for its uplifting, clean floral aroma and slightly sharp herbaceous undertones. The raw note is typically used in perfumery within the heart of the fragrance and blends well with woody base notes of patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood as well as bergamot, carnation, lavender and rose.

Geranium oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves from the plant and is a very pale green-yellow in colour. The oil gives off a sharp green odour with softening sweet rose and is used in many fragrance products around the world, from skincare to luxury perfumes.

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Our Rose Geranium Bath and Body Collection is characterised by notes of geranium and enhanced by clean citrus nuances and a hint of soft rose sustained by a woody base accord of cedarwood.

You can also discover nuances of geranium in our unisex Special No. 127 and Soulle Ambar fragrances as well as our Lavender & Mint home fragrance.

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