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British Family Perfumers Since 1730

Leather Oud

August 1, 2019


Nine generations of perfume creation have taught us the emotive power of scent and there are few smells as evocative as leather.

A favourite, time worn leather jacket, a Chesterfield sofa in your local haunt, a musicians guitar strap, the leather-clad tomes of forgotten libraries, and for the professional polo player, it is the familiar scent of leather saddles, bridles and riding boots.

Made with layers of leather, new riding boots are at first stiff, but slowly over time will soften and mould to the legs of the rider, much in the same way a fragrance takes on a unique scent as it comes into contact with the skin of the wearer. And, just as the best boots and saddles are still handmade by skilled craftsman using the finest leather, the Floris collection of luxury perfumes are meticulously crafted with an elegance borne from nearly 300 years of perfume expertise. Our Private Collection of fragrances is the Floris family’s most prestigious range of perfumes, and with its striking core note, our Leather Oud Eau de Parfum is artfully composed to express a story and history behind its creation.

Surprisingly versatile, the scent of leather has the power to take on all kinds of fragrant journeys, be that woody and aromatic, with spicy, smokey notes, or it can take on more floral, chypre and even gourmand notes.

Our Leather Oud Eau de Parfum  blends its two titular ingredients with notes of vetiver, patchouli, bergamot and amber to create an unapologetically opulent fragrance with hints of spice and smoke. Both confident and comforting, Leather Oud is the perfect choice for the man who wants a scent that’s both masculine and elegant in equal measure.

There is a certain irony that back in earlier days, perfumers used to work alongside traditional tanners to mask the unpleasant scent of the tanning process that was used in the making of gloves, boots and other leather goods, neroli being one of the most favoured scents for this process. These days, it is leather itself that is the desired scent, being that of voracious and luxurious sensuality.


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