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Make Your Candles Last Longer

October 5, 2019


With a burn time of 45 hours, our limited edition collection of long lasting candles should last you well into the festive season, however help to make your scented candles stand the test of time with a few tips and tricks.

Do burn it for at least two hours during first use
Always burn your candle for a couple of hours upon first lighting it as this allow the top layer of wax to melt fully and prevent tunnelling, which is when a candle burns the wax right around the wick but the outer edges don't melt, creating a tunnel-like appearance. It has been said that 'wax has a memory' so it is important to allow for this time to ensure even burning during next use.

Don't burn for more than 4 hours
Burning for more than this time will cause a build up of burning hot wax which will be harmful to the candles delicate scent.

Don't place your candle in a draughty location
If you place your candle in front of a source of air flow, not only will it be consumed more rapidly, but it will also cause the candle to burn unevenly. To measure this, look at the flame of the candle, is its flickering or moving to one side, then it needs to be moved into a slightly more sheltered spot.

Do regularly trim the wick
The longer the wick, the quicker it will burn so trimming it after each use will help it last longer. Use a pair of scissors or nail clippers to leave the wick a couple of millimetres in length. Doing this will also prevent black smoke from occurring.

Do re-centre the wick after each burn
Alongside trimming your wick, make sure you re-centre the wick while the wax is still liquid as this will stop it from blackening the glass.

Do cover with a lid when not in use
Lids prevent dust from settling on the wax if not in regular use which will lead to uneven burning. If dust does settle, use a humid cotton pad to carefully remove from the top layer of wax.

Do reuse your candle jar
With their elegant yet understated matt finish, our limited edition collection of candles will last well after the wax has gone and can be reused for storing everyday items such as makeup brushes or turn them into delightful plant pots. Pour hot water into the glass (wearing something protective on your hands) and gently swirl it round then pour away. Wipe with a paper towel and then repeat until the glass is completely clean.




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