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Scent Your Wedding

April 12, 2019


Fragrance has a powerful ability to instantly transport us to a specific time and place, so it’s no surprise that couples now choosing to curate the scent of their wedding with as much care as they do the seating plan.

With wedding season just around the corner, Floris have put together a collection of easy ways to incorporate scent into your wedding day, to make a lasting impression, but most importantly, lasting memories.


On a day when everything should be opulent and memorable, it makes sense to choose something a little more special than your everyday scent.


For women, pair your perfume with the feel of the dress, so if you are wearing chiffon, match the light and airy fabric with something equally as soft such as our Fleur Eau De Toilette. Wearing satin? Our A Rose For… Eau De Parfum beautifully combines the frailty of rose with deeper notes of musk and oud for a more complex fragrance that compliments the material.



For men, your fragrance should make you feel as good as your suit. 71/72 Eau De Parfum, made in collaboration with English shirtmakers Turnball & Asser, is fresh, woody and boldly aromatic, the woods and spices at the base maturing into a warm sensual note. For something with fresh, green notes, choose our Santal Eau De Toilette, a popular woody fougère scent.



If in any doubt, look to your floral bouquets for fragrance inspiration. Orange blossom is a popular wedding scent often seen as a symbol of eternal love and good fortune, and can be found in our Bergamotto di Positano Eau De Parfum, a unisex fragrance perfect for a Summer wedding. For men, our bestselling No.89 Eau De Toilette contains neroli, an essential oil produced from orange blossom, while for her, the Chypress Eau De Toilette and Night Scented Jasmine Eau De Toilette contain the same fresh neroli fragrance.



For the ultimate luxury, choose to have a personalised scent made that is as fitted to you as your dress or suit with the Floris ‘Together’ Bespoke Fragrance Customisation service.


Take a time-out from the bustle of wedding planning to share in this unique fragrance experience for two ahead of the big day, where you each get to create your own individual scents in the secluded privacy of the Floris perfumery at 89 Jermyn Street. Bring with you notes on the bouquets or any themes you may have for the day and during the three-hour session, a Floris perfumer will work with you to decipher your unique tastes and preferences, adding accords to a chosen fragrance base until your custom scent is complete. Many brides and grooms also like for their scents to complement each other on the wedding day so we can make sure that the two scents perfectly bounce off each other.



It is nice to think that all of the fragrances, from your own perfume to the scenting of the venue complement each other to give a luxurious ambience for your guests. Ask the groomsmen to spritz the entranceway with your chosen Room Fragrance to create an ambient atmosphere for when people enter the room as well as lightly spray the napkins, which will hold the scent for longer. Fill the tables with clusters of matching Scented Candles, which will not only softly scent the room, they will also create a romantic light for the first dance as the evening draws in.

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