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The Autumn/Winter Fragrance Edit

October 9, 2015


When Autumn is upon us and the weather begins to get colder, many of us choose to put away the fresh light floral and citrus fragrances for a while to find comfort in enveloping warmer, richer scents which contain more woody, mossy, musky and oriental notes such as amber or vanilla.

One of the reasons people are drawn to these types of fragrance, apart from that these scents are simply warmer and cosier in their character, is that in cold weather fragrance molecules move much slower and so do not lift from the skin in the same way they do in warm weather meaning that heavier fragrances will linger more than fresher scents during the colder months.

A favourite fragrance for autumn is Elite which has a complex blend of warm citrus notes with nuances of rich oakmoss, vetiver and musk. Another is Jermyn Street, the perfect fragrance to warm up chilly days. It has a wonderful balance between the green and citrus notes of fresh leaves, bergamot and mandarin with warm vetiver which runs right through the fragrance from the top notes to the base completed by comforting, soothing musk. Leather Oud with its rich opulent notes of oud, leather and woody amber will also last right through the day.

From our ladies range, Soulle Ambar is a warm citrus oriental fragrance with a fine balance of galbanum, bergamot and warm pink peppercorn notes leading to lingering glowing amber and vanilla notes completing the base. Edwardian Bouquet is also a popular choice if you prefer to wear a floral scent for the colder months with its fresh hyacinth and rose top notes warmed by rich nuances of ylang ylang, amber, oakmoss and sandalwood.

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