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autumn aromas

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  • A model holding a bottle of perfume close to her face

    A white floral with the status of being the most opulent and sultry of all the night-blooming flowers. Rich velvet petals and hypnotic scent.

  • A model holding a bottle of Floris perfume close to her face

    Opening with top notes of cool orris, rounded by the comforting scent of oats, and lifted with a sparkle of blackcurrant and lime.

  • A model holding a bottle of perfume close to her face, her finger is up

    Lily takes inspiration from the history and rich folklore of Lily of the Valley, cultivated for over 400 years, symbolising purity, love and happiness

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Fragrance Questions

Where should you apply fragrance?

This is really down to personal preference. However, today, fragrances are designed for liberal application. Traditionally the pulse points (where the blood circulates closest to the skin) and the décolleté area are the most effective application points.

More information can be found via our FAQ page

What are Top, Middle & Base notes?

All fragrances are blends of ingredients that evaporate at different rates. The top notes are those ingredients that evaporate soon after application to the skin and give the first burst of freshness. The middle or heart notes which evaporate less quickly usually represent the main character of the fragrance and can last for up to four or five hours depending on the fragrance type. The base notes can last many hours and can also modify the behaviour of the more volatile top note ingredients to increase their lasting power.

More information can be found via our FAQ page

Are Floris products completely natural?

Many of the ingredients used are totally natural being extracted from flowers, herbs, woods or citrus fruits. However, synthetic materials are invaluable particularly where natural notes are not available e.g. where they cannot be distilled from natural sources or in place of animal derivatives. It is worth noting that some synthetic ingredients are considerably more expensive than many natural essential oils. A successful fragrance is a well blended formulation of both sources of oils.

More information can be found via our FAQ page


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