Order Information

How can I order with Floris?

Orders may be placed on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By Telephone: +44 (0) 3301 340180

Our telephone service is available Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm.
If you are an overseas customer please call +44 (0) 3301 340180

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by the following cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro and JCB. We are also pleased to accept personal cheques drawn on a UK bank account and in pounds sterling only. Please make cheques payable to J Floris Ltd. – this option is available for telephone orders.

Is my transaction online secure?

Yes, our website is certified Level 1 PCI DDS compliant. We use SSL technology with a secure server so that personal information that you enter is sent in an encrypted form which is not readable by third parties. You are able to recognise your entry into our secure area by the change of 'http' to 'https' within the address bar.

At what stage do you take payment?

Website payment is taken in the online checkout process at the time you confirm your order, subject to card approval. We do try to maintain accurate stock records on our website; however should an item you ordered be out of stock a customer services representative will contact you as soon as possible. Telephone/Post Payment is taken at the time the order is processed prior to despatch.

Do you offer a gift-wrapping service?

We take great pleasure in offering a gift service with complimentary gift wrapping. Please request this in the online checkout or at the time you place your order. Gift messages may be included with your order, however messages are restricted to a maximum of 110 characters. 


Can you send orders to destinations outside of the UK?

We are able to send products to most countries, however due to certain custom regulations beyond our control there may be some restrictions with regards to goods containing alcohol. This includes Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Aftershave, Mouthwash, and Room Fragrance. 

Are there delivery restrictions on products with an alcohol content?

We are able to send products with alcohol content to most destinations. However, delivery to some countries is restricted or could incur an additional surcharge. Products with an alcohol content include Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Aftershave, Mouthwash, and Room Fragrance. For information on specific destinations please view ‘What are the delivery charges?’.

What are the delivery charges?

Current delivery charges can be found on our delivery page.

Where can I buy Floris Products locally?

Floris is available worldwide in selected stockists. Please take a look at our stockists' page to find your local retailer.

What if my order arrives damaged?

If items in your order are damaged in transit we will be happy to arrange a replacement or offer you a full refund. Please notify customer services immediately on +44 (0) 3301 340180, Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm, who will be able to advise further.

My order is a surprise gift - I don’t want them to recognise the parcel is from Floris?

Please let us know and we can pack the goods in unmarked outer packaging.

Can I request that my order be delivered to a different address?

Yes. If ordering online please select this option at checkout providing the full address, contact name, and telephone number. If ordering by telephone our team will be happy to take an alternative delivery address.

I want my order for next day delivery?

We are pleased to offer a next-day delivery service Monday to Thursday, on orders placed before 1pm. Orders placed after 1pm will be dispatched the following day (excluding weekends). Please note that for Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands, and some upper regions of Scotland a next-day service may not be available.

What should I do if my order is late?

If your order has not arrived in the specified time period as detailed in our delivery information please contact our customer services team on +44 (0) 207 747 3600, Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm, who will be happy to investigate.

Do you deliver to PO boxes?

Yes, we do deliver to UK PO boxes. For PO boxes outside the UK please check with our customer services team on +44 (0) 3301 340180, Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm.

My order is to be delivered outside of the UK. Will there be any additional costs?

Please be aware that the local Customs Department in your Country may inspect your order, which may lead to additional charges being incurred. Any additional charges are unfortunately the customer’s responsibility as these actions are beyond our control and Floris cannot be responsible for any associated delay or cost. These rules change regularly so to find out further information please contact your local Customs Department before ordering. We regret that Floris will not be able to refund purchases that are refused delivery due to unpaid customs charges.

My question is not answered here?

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions:

By Email - customerservice@florislondon.com
By Telephone - +44 (0) 3301 340180 (Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm)
By Post - J Floris Ltd, 89 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6JH


Where should you apply fragrance?

This is really down to personal preference. However, today, fragrances are designed for liberal application. Traditionally the pulse points (where the blood circulates closest to the skin) and the décolleté area are the most effective application points.

What are top, middle, and base notes?

All fragrances are blends of ingredients that evaporate at different rates. The top notes are those ingredients that evaporate soon after application to the skin and give the first burst of freshness. The middle or heart notes which evaporate less quickly usually represent the main character of the fragrance and can last for up to four or five hours depending on the fragrance type. The base notes can last many hours and can also modify the behaviour of the more volatile top note ingredients to increase their lasting power.

Why is Eau de Parfum more expensive than Eau de Toilette?

The Eau de Parfum contains a greater percentage of fragrance oils than the Eau de Toilette, hence it is more expensive. However, because the higher level of fragrance oil in the Eau de Parfum gives a stronger fragrance effect you do not need to use as much of it if you want to obtain the same effect as an Eau de Toilette. Eau de Parfum has the additional benefit of helping the fragrance last longer on the skin.

What ingredient makes a fragrance last on the skin?

The lasting power of any fragrance is primarily determined by the fragrance family where the main factors are the intrinsic character of all the ingredients used and how they are combined. A fresh and light ‘floral’ fragrance such as Lily of the Valley or a highly ‘citrus’ scent such as Limes will not be as lasting as a ‘floral woody’ like Edwardian Bouquet. The lighter fragrances, by their very nature, often do not contain the higher levels of the base note oils that give more lasting power on the skin. These special base note oils are also known as fixatives and can be used to increase staying power.

Are Floris products completely ‘natural’?

Many of the ingredients used are totally natural being extracted from flowers, herbs, woods, or citrus fruits. However, synthetic materials are invaluable particularly where natural notes are not available e.g. where they cannot be distilled from natural sources or in place of animal derivatives. It is worth noting that some synthetic ingredients are considerably more expensive than many natural essential oils. A successful fragrance is a well-blended formulation of both sources of oils.

I’ve been wearing Floris fragrance for over 10 years and I am sure it doesn’t smell like it used to - have you changed the formulation?

There are a number of reasons that may explain this:

• The formulation may have changed slightly due to alterations to ensure compliance with the international regulations that recommend the dosage levels of fragrance materials. As scientific knowledge improves there are continued changes in the regulations as ingredients undergoing investigation may be found to have the potential to cause an adverse skin response.

• Unfortunately the sense of smell also changes as we get older so a fragrance can therefore be perceived as different.

• Wearing the same fragrance over a long time can also make the nose less sensitive to that particular scent.

• A freshly manufactured bottle of fragrance will also be slightly different to a matured sample.


Where are your products made?

All our fragrance and toiletry products are made from the finest ingredients and manufactured in the UK, using many traditional methods such as hand wrapping of soaps and hand pouring candles. Our accessory items are sourced from long-standing suppliers that we have built relationships with for many years.

Where do you source the ingredients?

Ingredients are sourced worldwide depending on where the crops for distillation are grown as this is sensitive to climate conditions. We do, however, try and source from the UK and Europe where this is possible to minimize the carbon footprint of each raw material.

What is the life span of a Floris product?

Floris products should not be stored and kept for extended periods of time. The reason for this is that in time the fragrance and colour will change due to the gradual deterioration of natural oils and raw materials present. If unopened and kept in a cool, dark environment the products will last for a minimum of 12 months. All Floris products should be kept out of direct sunlight. Once opened, any product with an ‘in use’ shelf life of fewer than 36 months has this marked on the packaging within a jar symbol.

Where should I keep my Floris Fragrance?

All Floris products should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Ideally, fragrance should be stored in a cool area as this best preserves the balance of the ingredients. However, provided you do not keep Floris fragranced products above a radiator, on a windowsill in direct sunlight, or anywhere they will be exposed to excessive heat they should not deteriorate for at least 2 or 3 years. A cool, dark drawer or cupboard is the ideal longer-term storage solution for unopened products.

Are Floris deodorants antiperspirant?

No, Floris deodorants do not contain anti-perspiration ingredients as these actually block the pores of the skin. Our deodorant contains a deodorising agent that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, which cause bad odour, without interfering with the natural processes of the skin.

I have sensitive skin – are your products suitable?

As with any scented product we advise that you carefully test a fragrance on a small area of the skin before use to ensure it doesn’t invoke a skin reaction.

Are the room fragrance atomisers gas-filled?

The Room Fragrance Atomisers are CFC-free and contain no propellant gas. A manual pumping mechanism produces the fine mist spray required for the best performance.

What is your animal testing statement?

Floris does not and has not tested raw materials or finished products on animals, nor have we ever requested any third parties to conduct such tests. Floris has always been against testing on animals. Our company is associated with the CTPA (Cosmetic, Toiletries & Perfumery Association) and conforms both to their guidelines and to industry standards – legislation introduced in 1986 under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act ended all animal testing of cosmetic products in the UK.

How can I gain the most from my Floris Candle?

Working on two sensory levels, both visual and aromatic; each of the candles in the Floris 'Home' Collection is made from blended wax and contains a high level of pure fragrance to ensure a quality aroma and a strong dispersal. The burning time of our candles is approximately 35 hours.

To gain the most from your Floris candle we recommend the following:

• The candle flame should be extinguished after a maximum of five hours burning to ensure the wick remains in a central position. Use for longer periods may lead to the wick falling over and this must be straightened to ensure regular burning.

• Do not re-light the candle while the wax is still molten

• To extinguish the candle, do not blow on the flame as this will lead to smoking. Place the snuffer over the candle glass to extinguish the flame.

• After each use the wick may need a slight trim and this should be done when the wax is cool, with a sharp pair of scissors. The visible wick should be kept at about 10mm in length for optimum performance. Any debris from the wick trimming should be removed prior to lighting. Do not over-trim the wick or allow an over-large flame to develop. Good wick care is the most important factor for continued performance of the candle.

• The candle should never be left burning unattended or in an area where there is a draught. Lighted candles must be placed well away from curtains, fabrics, or any flammable materials. Never use the candle if the glass is cracked or has been dropped. Do not pick up the candle when burning or immediately after the flame is extinguished as the glass may be hot.

How should I care for my shaving brush?

By far the simplest way to keep a shaving brush and razor in good condition is to use a shaving brush and razor stand. Hang the shaving brush so that the bristles are facing downwards, this will ensure that water drips off the brush after use. If you do not have a stand leave the brush pointing up rather than horizontally, so that air can get to all the hairs and dry the brush naturally. Always rinse the brush gently but thoroughly in clean water and flick off the excess water. Keeping a shaving brush continually in a moist state will lead to loss of bristles.

What are your shaving recommendations?

A successful wet shave is both a ritual and an art. By following these instructions a smooth, close, and satisfying shave can be achieved.

• Thoroughly wash the face with hot water to cleanse the skin and soften the beard.

• Dip a good quality shaving brush in hot water, shake off excess, and using Floris shaving soap or cream work up a lather over the areas of the face and neck to be shaved. The process of lathering with hot water will further soften the skin and also set up the beard prior to shaving.

• Shave in the direction of the beard, starting below the sideburns and working down each side of the face towards the chin, finishing at the neck. Let the razor glide over the skin, without applying too much pressure. For a closer shave, re-lather and shave across or against the beard. Always use a sharp blade as a worn blade will irritate the skin.

• Finish by rinsing off with cold water to close the pores and apply aftershave or alcohol-free aftershave balm.

• Rinse the brush gently but thoroughly in clean water, flick off the excess water, and place the brush in a stand with the hair pointing down.

How can I prolong the life of my Floris soap?

Floris soaps are of the highest quality, triple-milled with a vegetable oil base and added Shea Butter to moisturise your skin. To ensure you get the best performance from your soap please follow these simple guidelines:

• After using your soap, shake off any excess water

• Always use a soap dish with a drainer and ensure the dish is not wet where in contact with the soap

• Use soap regularly, if a soap is left unused for too long it will dry out faster

• Avoid leaving soap in a closed, damp shower unit

Sustainability Policy Statement

Floris is fully committed to our social and environmental responsibilities. We aim to offer the finest quality products while preserving resources for the future.

We recognise that our activities impact on the environment for both present and future generations. Therefore we will operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and codes of practice relevant to the industry sector in which we operate and will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

Our Environmental Manager will provide assistance and advice to Senior Management and all members of staff where appropriate, on all environmental, CSR, and CR related issues.

Our objectives are to:

• Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision-making and activities,

• Promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner,

• Train, educate, and inform our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work,

• Reduce waste through re-use and recycling and by purchasing recycled, recyclable or re-furbished products and materials where these alternatives are available, economical, and suitable,

• Promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our facility including water, electricity, raw materials, and other resources, particularly those that are non-renewable,

• Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutions when feasible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored, and disposed of,

• Purchase and use environmentally responsible products accordingly,

• Where required by legislation or where significant health, safety, or environmental hazards exist, develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spill response programmes,

• Communicate our environmental commitment to all interested parties including clients, customers, public, and encourage them to support it,

• Strive to continually improve our environmental and carbon reduction performance and minimise the social impact and damage of activities by periodically reviewing our environmental policy in light of our current and planned future activities.

• Promote the awareness and understanding of the commitments made in this Policy to all staff, taking into consideration diversity of the workplace and workforce.

Ethical Statement

Floris was founded in Jermyn Street, St James’s over 280 years ago by Juan Famenias Floris.
The early trade as a barber and comb maker soon blossomed into a thriving perfumery and soap manufacturer.
Floris is proud not only of its tradition and heritage but also in the standards and quality of its products which it has managed to maintain to this day. We remain a family-run business which permits us to take a long-term view on all issues.
Our vision is to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the finest products to our discerning clientele, while striving for continuous improvement on environmental issues.