floral green

hyacinth & bluebell

scented reed diffuser

floral green

hyacinth & bluebell

scented reed diffuser

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Fill your home with the fresh leafy and floral scent of Hyacinth & Bluebell and add elegance and ambiance to any room.


Spiced with a touch of carnation at the heart, heliotrope and ylang ylang sustain the floral theme which is underscored by a soft balsamic and woody base

Fragrance notes

Top Notes:

Bluebell | Green | Hyacinth

Heart Notes:

Carnation | Heliotrope | Ylang Ylang

Base Notes:

Balsamic | Woody

Weight & Longevity

Family Anecdotes

Hyacinth & bluebell


Nothing announces the start of the season like festive home scents. Beautifully presented with an elegant yet understated matt finish, place the diffuser in a central space and let the reeds to absorb in the scented oil for a subtle continuous scent.Diffuser longevity: 14-16 weeks.




This product is:

  • Cruelty free