Get a taste for perfume creation and discover more about the rich history of Floris with a virtual online corporate event, the perfect opportunity to bring your team together to learn about the art of perfumery.

We can also offer in-depth profiling sessions, where guests are able to gain a deeper understanding as to which fragrances are suited to their tastes and have the opportunity to send their profiled scent to them as a gift following on from the experience.

This interactive experience will take you behind the scenes of our working perfumery and provides an insight into fragrance creation. Guests will receive samples prior to the event that will be used as our perfumer expertly guides you through the fragrance wheel.

Our experienced team will do everything they can to ensure your guests have an unforgettable time from the comfort of their own home.

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There are two packages available for our online virtual events:

Workshop - Each person will receive a collection of samples and an online interactive workshop on the art of perfumery.

Profiling - Guests will receive a collection of samples as above as well as a more personal in-depth fragrance profiling experience, followed by a gift of their favoured scent.

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Your guests will be immersed in the beauty of scent with our in house
perfumery team and will go away with a new and everlasting perspective on fragrance.

At Floris's London home we are able to offer a 2 hour sensory experience of education and personal profiling.

Good hosting is crucial to a successful event and our experienced team will
do everything they can to ensure your guests have an unforgettable time.

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A standard package includes a champagne reception, a welcome from a Floris family member and a 1 hour fragrance profiling session with one of the Floris in-house perfumers. Guests will receive a gift bag and shopping discount on the evening. Packages can also be offered to include a gift voucher to spend on the evening.