Behind The Sheets | Tuberose in Silk

Behind The Sheets | Tuberose in Silk

Tuberose in Silk is a celebration of the voluptuous tuberose, balanced between purity and sensuous spirit, and there’s no better source of inspiration embodying such a statement than Marilyn Monroe, an icon of true Hollywood glamour and sultry demeanour.


Inspired by the 1961 photographs taken by Douglas Kirkland ‘In Bed with Marilyn’, we sought to capture the pure energy and behind-the-scenes nature that the shoot took, in order to create something beautifully seductive and fun.    

Model laying on a bed holding a white pillow
model sat up in bed with her hair being done

‘I know what we need. We need a bed, and we need white silk sheets – they must be silk. Frank Sinatra records, and Dom Pérignon champagne.’

Marilyn Monroe

Model laying on a bed with lights props in full view
two men looking at a laptop screen, one is pointing

‘I got overhead so I could shoot directly down on her. I started to take pictures, but I didn’t need to direct her – I just talked with her. It was like flirting…’

Douglas Kirkland

Model laying on a bed with photographer taking a picture
A view of the camera with the model is the background

'She seemed to move in slow motion to me; she had a luminescence about her and she didn’t step, she almost floated. That’s my memory of it, that’s the impression she left me with.’

Douglas Kirkland

A view of the model through a wind machine
A model posing with camera and light props in full view

Each image captures the authentic essence of candid beauty and seduction perfectly reminiscent of the olfactory sensation that is Tuberose in Silk.

Tuberose in Silk is defined by fresh green tuberose, iris, orange flower and camphor top notes with intense tuberose and jasmine in the heart. The fragrance is then reinforced with a combination of benzoin, with its resinous mix of sweet and fruity notes, together with soft, warm musk.