Citrus Sensation

Citrus Sensation

The Floris archive has an expansive collection of Citrus scents, ideal for summer soirees and basking beachside.

Floris has been curious about Citrus since the 1800s. Namely Robert Floris, who crossed the Mediterranean sea, to explore the Ligurian coast from France to Italy, before arriving at Corsica, discovering orange blossom and becoming enchanted by the aromatic shrub that covered the landscape. Detailing his voyage in handwritten letters he sent back to his family at 89 Jermyn Street, updating them on his progress.

An extract from Robert Floris's journal.

'Wednesday morn 3rd November at half past 6 I was awoke by the servant who told me that the vessel waited for me. We sailed with a fair wind but as soon as we put our noses towards land we found that there was a strong Tramontana. The Mediterranean sailors never speak of a north, south, east or west wind, but a Tramontana, del Mediodia, or Migiorna, levante and Ponienta. Later as we approached Genoa... the vessel creaks, Corsica became a speck, and the higher landscape melted into the clear blue ocean. 

I hope all in Jermyn St and the Square are well, remember me to all friends and believe me your affectionate son'

Discover Floris's eclectic Citrus collection below:


A quintessential citrus scent... Limes was created by Juan Floris in the mid 18th century, making it one of our most long-standing fragrances. Juan Floris created this fragrance to combat the oppressive heat of the City in summer. 


The citrus component typically includes notes of lemon, lime, bergamot, orange, or grapefruit, which provide a bright and energizing aroma. These fruits are known for their tangy and refreshing qualities, which can instantly lift the mood and evoke a sense of vitality.

Complementing the citrus notes are green elements, which add a natural and earthy dimension to the fragrance. This can include notes like fresh-cut grass, mint, basil, or green tea, which contribute to the scent's crispness and evoke images of lush, verdant landscapes.

Notes of juniper with a splash of lemon accentuated by an initial burst of citrus and refreshing green facets have been blended with the theme of vetiver. The vetiver permeates the fragrance from its introduction to the base and is buoyed in the heart by the juniper with a contemporary twist of coriander, a subtle complement to gin creation.


A citrus marine fragrance typically combines the bright, refreshing notes of citrus fruits with elements evoking the ocean or marine environment. Imagine the invigorating scent of fresh lemon, lime, or bergamot, blended with hints of sea salt, ocean breeze, and aquatic accords. These fragrances often evoke a sense of crispness and cleanliness, reminiscent of a breezy seaside getaway. They're often associated with summer or warmer climates, offering a burst of revitalizing energy and a feeling of being close to nature's elements.


Citrus amber fragrances typically blend the bright, zesty notes of citrus fruits with the warm, resinous aroma of amber. The citrus elements, often featuring notes like bergamot, lemon, or orange, provide a fresh and invigorating opening to the scent. These bright notes are balanced and complemented by the richness of amber, which lends a deep, sweet, and slightly woody character to the fragrance.

The combination of citrus and amber creates a scent that is both uplifting and comforting. It has a vibrant energy from the citrus notes, which can evoke images of sun-drenched groves and summer days, while the amber adds a sense of depth and sophistication, reminiscent of cozy evenings by the fire.

Overall, a citrus amber fragrance is often described as being warm, radiant, and versatile, suitable for both daytime wear and evening occasions. It strikes a balance between freshness and warmth, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate complex, multi-dimensional scents.


A citrus floral scent combines the bright, zesty notes of citrus fruits with the delicate, aromatic essence of various flowers. Imagine the refreshing burst of lemon, orange, or bergamot mingling with the soft, sweet fragrance of blossoms like jasmine, neroli, or ylang-ylang. It's like walking through a sun-drenched citrus orchard in full bloom, where the air is filled with the invigorating scent of citrus fruits and the subtle, intoxicating aroma of fresh flowers. This combination creates a lively, uplifting fragrance that is both vibrant and elegant, perfect for brightening up any space or mood.


A citrus woody fragrance is like a walk through a sun-dappled orchard, where the tangy zest of citrus fruits blends seamlessly with the earthy warmth of woody notes. Picture yourself strolling through rows of lemon and orange trees, the air alive with the bright, invigorating scent of their fruits mingling with the grounding aroma of sun-warmed wood.

At the top notes, you're greeted by a burst of vibrant citrus, perhaps the zing of bergamot, the juicy sweetness of mandarin, or the crispness of grapefruit. These citrus notes dance on your skin, refreshing and uplifting your senses.

As the fragrance settles, the woody heart emerges, wrapping you in a comforting embrace. Think of the smooth warmth of cedarwood, the resinous depth of vetiver, or the creamy richness of sandalwood. These woody notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance, anchoring the bright citrus with their earthy allure.

Together, the citrus and woody notes create a harmonious blend that is both fresh and inviting, yet grounded and comforting. It's a fragrance that evokes the beauty of nature, capturing the essence of a sunny day spent surrounded by the timeless elegance of citrus groves and towering trees.