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Independent Of The Month | March

April 10, 2018


The independent stockist of the month takes us to Spots in Latvia. The store specialises in traditional wet shaving accessories and has  since grown and opened their own traditional style Barber Shop. 

How did your story begin?

We started our business in 2012 as a specialised traditional wet shaving accessories shop. It was a very unique concept at that time and still is. We have grown since then with our product range and also opened our own traditional style Barber Shop. We were introduced to Floris in 2014. Our partnership with Floris opened for us the world of niche perfumery and played an important role in our development. In 2017 we opened a specialised perfumery shop to share the stories in a more suitable environment.


What do you think draws customers to your store?

We are an independent family business selling high quality niche products. We always try to have products that are made with the highest quality standards and are not mass niche products you can buy in chain stores. There are no other shops like ours and our customers appreciate this.


What is the best thing about running your store and what do you think the appeal of Floris is to your customers?

It is the independence. To work with great customers. The possibility to live by your own rules. Unlimited possibilities and chances to learn how to use them.


What do you think the appeal of Floris is to your customers?

It is the unique character, truthfulness and independence.


What is your favourite Floris product and why?

Special No 127 EDT. I don’t think there should be some kind of intensity or complexity level in a perfume to say it has character. For me Special No 127 EDT has the most character and uniqueness and there isn’t a day when I don’t enjoy wearing it. 


What makes you love the location of your store?

It is at the heart of the bustle of Riga. A place surrounded by parks, cafes and nice street views. Huge old wooden windows, extremely high ceilings, imperfectly straight walls and very light and clean interiors.

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