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English Violets

March 25, 2019


A featured scent of the 19th century, explore this history behind the sweet and delicate fragrance of the violet flower.

The violet flower was first brought to popularity by the Duchess of Parma, Napoleons Bonaparte’s wife and Empress of France. Her love of the gentle shy violet first introduced the flower as a popular scent, and was equally admired by Queen Victoria who is reputed to have worn a violet fragrance on her wedding day in 1840 at the Chapel Royal in St James's Palace.  Later in the early 19th century, the Victorians admiration of the sweet scent led to its use in foods such as cakes and candied sweets.

In celebration of the native flower, Floris launched an English Violet Encore Eau de Parfum in 1919, a floral green fragrance which is still available today upon request through our Jermyn Street shop.  Other fragrances in our range that include this sweet, powdery floral scent include our 1927 Eau de Parfum, while Bouquet De La Reine Eau de Toilette and Night Scented Jasmine Eau de Toilette both contain top notes of violet leaf, which different scent to that of the violet flower in being a fresh, green note.

As a featured fragrance of the time, the flower was also used in the creation of a popular violet mouthwash, the scent fleeting and transient.

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